Q: How fast can my new website be launched?
A: While each website project is different and can be truly unique form other website design projects, typically Lercher Media Works can have your website designed and live online in less than 30 – 60 days.

Q: Can I keep my website visitor's attention by using flash animation or HTML5 video?
A: Yes, Lercher Media Works can use motion graphics, flash and even HTML5 video in the website to create a truly unique website experience.

Q: Does Lercher Media Works have a blog that I can follow the latest news on internet marketing?
A: Yes, Lercher Media Works has a internet marketing, website design, 3D animation, and motion graphics blog site. http://lerchermediaworks.com/blog

Q: My website takes about 4 seconds to load. Will load time affect my search engine ranking?
A: Yes, Google has introduced a new algorithm that rewards speedy websites. Read our blog on “Performance Matters” for more information. http://lerchermediaworks.com/blog/?p=31

Q: Do I really need a new website? Can I not just change a few things on my current website to convert it as a lead generation website?
A: Converting a website to a lead generation source depends on several factors. The first factor, in today’s market, is website design. How a website is designed and built can influence its search engine ranking position, its visibility. A clean easy to follow navigation and clear calls-to-action can be key components in a lead generation website. Each website is unique and will require a Lercher Media Works’ creative member to review the site’s structure in full as a lead generation source. We offer an 8 way test to determine the quality of your website design here.

Read more about website design in today’s market here.
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