1. Know your target audience
You know who your target demographic is. We know how to cater to them.

2. What is the goal of your website?
Will you be selling products? Will you be displaying your inventory online, but not selling? Do you want to display only your basic contact information and services? Whatever the direction, we offer several solutions to help you reach your goal. From our small business starter website solution to our unlimited custom websites and even our eCommerce website solution, we’ve got you covered

3. Content Creation
Content is what will drive people to your website, keep them interested and deliver the lead. Whether you just need an online presence or need a full eCommerce site, your website’s content is key. Lercher Media Works can help you create a content outline and provide copywriting for the entire site. We can also take photos or use royalty free stock photos for you.
4. When potential clients are visiting your site, what will they be looking for?
Will they be searching for contact info, a product, service, etc? What message will you be trying to convey to them? Knowing this on the front end will help in the implementation of the calls-to-action, help in the copywriting and advertising of the site.

5. How often will you need to update the website content?
Lercher Media Works offers a variety of solutions for content management. Having an up-to-date website will not only increase your search engine rank standings, but give customers and potential clients a reason to come back. We offer an on-going website maintenance solution and a custom content management (CMS) platform.

6. Artwork
Your logo is one of the most important branded items you have. Chances are your printer may have a high resolution logo, or the graphic artist who initially created it. Please get your logo and any custom branding ready for the design process of your site. However, if you don’t have a logo, we would love to help create a custom branded logo for you.

7. Domain Name
Your domain name is very important (ie, www.yourbusinessname.com). Choosing an intuitive, easily typed domain name will help your customers and potential clients find your site. Something short, to the point, and easily remembered is always best. Contact us today to see how you can get a free 12 month domain name with your website project.

8. Web Hosting
In order for your website to be visible on the web, you must upload your files to a server. However, not all servers or website hosting companies are the same, so you should be careful in your selection. Lercher Media Works offers top notch hosting services. Contact us today to see how you can get free website hosting for 24 months with one of our custom website design solutions.

9. Advertising the Site - Search Engines
Just like your business, a website needs to also be advertised. Knowing the potential keywords and keyword phrases that are used to search for your specific brand is very important. Here at Lercher Media Works we use proprietary techniques to research the keywords being typed for your custom brand. See how with our search engine optimization services.

10. Other Forms of Advertising the Site
Have you ever heard of the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? In addition to having your website rank in the search engines naturally, other forms of advertising, like PPC, Social Media, EDDM, SMS, and many more are available. Many consumers use the search engines, like Google, exclusively, but some use other forms of search like Facebook. Contact us today and let us help you reach the maximum number of consumers.

Are you ready?
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